My Big Boys

Chris just gave the boys haircuts and I feel like they look so much older. Time is zooming past way too fast!


Yippeee for Preschool

Has it really been five months since our last post! So much for keeping an up-to-date journal.  So much has happened, but we’ll catch up later … the biggest news of the day is that Jake started school (preschool) today. Time is slipping past fast, before I know it I will be posting High School graduation photos. But let’s not go there right now, he he.


Tuesday we had orientation, and as I was driving us to his school we were discussing what was about to happen and what to expect. Jake says to me, “Mommy, can I walk in by myself? I don’t need to hold your hand because I’m a big boy now”. As I’m not quite yet ready to give up my little guy we made a compromise; he held my hand on the side walk, but walked into the school “alone”. As other parents stressed over whether their kids would cry or not, I struggled to get Jake’s attention to let him know I was leaving.


Today was his first full/real day, and again he was all about “doing it myself” and I practically had to chase him down to get a goodbye kiss & hug. It is bittersweet. On one hand, I couldn’t be happier and more proud to have such a strong and independent son. He will chat up anyone, play with any child (or adult) who happens to be nearby, dole out hugs and high fives without hesitation, and always insists on figuring out things on his own. But a part of me was just slightly jealous of the mom with the child clinging to her leg, refusing to let her mommy go. Jeesh, couldn’t Jake at least look over and give me a wave?


I am ecstatic for Jake and this new adventure. He is unbelievable excited about school. Wednesday he stood at the front door, yelling out the screen (to anyone who happened to be walking or driving by), “I’m going to school tomorrow”. His only real disappointment is that he doesn’t get to ride the “big bus”! Soon enough Jake, soon enough!

Look who’s walking!

Cody “showed off” at a family Easter gathering, but for the West Coast gang here is our littlest crew member strutting his stuff!

* if you are having problems viewing (ie choppy/skipping), change to a lower quality video (ie 240p), under settings.  The clarity won’t be as good, but it will run smooth.

One Year

Week 52 (One year)


Year in Review


And because I think it is fun to look back … here is a collage with Jake & Cody, both on the day they turned one year.  I think the boys have finally developed their own looks 🙂